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While we are open to all businesses, we focus on the provision of micro & small BIPOC business vendor opportunities as a first priority. We request that all interested non-food vendors fill out THIS form (Selected BIPOC micro & small businesses pay NO vendor or table fees) and all WFPB tasting station chefs (Tasting station chefs, this is an honorarium opportunity) fill out THIS application. Your company must be at least 51% minority-owned.  

Volunteers follow this link . Interested business and BIPOC-owned wellness-related micro and small businesses that offer cruelty-free, plant-based products or services may apply by following this link.  Corporate partner allies and/or sponsors feel free to contact us using this CONTACT US link 

This event is 100% plant-based vegan and all products featured or discussed must support the benefits of a plant-based vegan lifestyle.  

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