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Powered by 501c3 based organization, Power is Giving, Inc. ( ), Eat Drink Disrupt Chronic Disease AKA EDD Summits is a ½ day, 100% plant-based clinical and culinary wellness program that showcases BIPOC, evidence-led, solution-based presenters, panelists, chefs and resources to help remedy the disproportionate crisis of BIPOC and overall community health.

EDD Summits

Experiencing the highest chronic disease death and disability rates, systemic healthcare inequities and healthy food access challenges, we target solutions to BIPOC health through the presentation of two plant-based BIPOC clinicians, community equity and justice activists, chefs and hand-selected, BIPOC vendors that pay no table or participation fees. 

A program administered by 501c3 organization, Power is Giving, Inc. , EDD Summits, is a publicly held, community-wide, 1/2 day program featuring BIPOC-led, plant-based educators, tastings, resources and environmental equity solutions for communities that need it most. 

Showcasing 100% whole-food, plant-based BIPOC clinical presenters, BIPOC chefs, a panel of BIPOC wellness and equity subject matter experts, we also bring in BIPOC chefs to conduct demos for all patrons. 


In an effort to truly support the hard work of micro and small BIPOC business owners, we also hand-select BIPOC product and service vendors as well as the hire of BIPOC tasting station chef in each presenting program city.  No select BIPOC business vendors are charged registration or table fees for their participation.  

Free resources are made available at the EDD bookstore as well as our Ask a Doc /Expert station, where you can ask up to questions regarding how a plant-based lifestyle positively impacts, human health as well as animal welfare and our environment. 

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