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A federally recognized 501c3-based organization, Power is Giving, Inc , administers all EDD programs. Working closely with community leadership, students, and ally partners to promote optimal health and equity, all EDD programs are 100% plant-based BIPOC-led, evidence-driven and on a mission to radicalize wellness through educational programming that primarily targets disproportionately impacted, BIPOC communities.

All EDD programs fall under the operational and fiduciary umbrella of Power is Giving. 

Power is Giving, Inc.

Started in 2011, 501c3 based organization, Power is Giving, Inc. was created in an effort to fulfill its founders mission to improve and enrich the lives of others through the inherent power of giving.  Currently administering five programs, PIG has directly impact the lives of more than 5,000 disenfranchised youth and their families and 5,000 adults with evidence-driven, 100% plant-based education, fitness and wellness solutions. We have also donated north of $60,000 in fiscal and in-kind support to more than 5 domestic and international agencies that share our vision for equitable community wellness.  

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Collaborative Partner

We work closely with corporate and community agencies to offer evidence-based resources that lead to significant reductions in healthcare costs, systemic food access inequities, and death and disability rates for our top chronic diseases.​

On a mission to radicalize wellness, with vegucation and flava, Herban Eats is a 100% whole-food, plant-based vegan product and service solutions brand that we often partner with to aid in changing the lives of those disproportionately-impacted by chronic disease. 

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